CMS Physics Week
September 11-15, 2011
Brussels, Belgium

Scientific committee

ACOSTA Darin, Florida university
DISSERTORI Gunther, ETH Zurich
RODRIGO Teresa, Santander
ROLANDI Gigi (chair), CERN

Local organizing committee

Contact us:

CLERBAUX Barbara (co-chair) ULB
DAUBIE Evelyne, UM
D'HONDT Jorgen (co-chair), VUB
TYTGAT Michael, UG

The detailed timetable for this event is available here.

!!! REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED (05/09/2011) !!!
Please send a mail to the Brussels CMS week 2011 contact (see the address at the bottom of this page) in case of late registration

Registration is open : please register on the CERN Indico web page..

Registration details
  1. The registration fee is 250 Euros per participants. The fee covers meeting, coffee breaks, lunches, conference reception, conference dinner and excursion costs. It does not include accommodation costs. Please be aware that you have to organize your own accommodation.

  2. The registration procedure will consist out of a indico form to fill AND the payment of the fee. WARNING: the registration will be completed only after receiving the payment, before the deadline of September 1. A payment via bank transfer or internet banking is available to avoid cash payments upon arrival.

  3. Please note that in case of cancellation before September 1st, a part of the registration fee will be refunded. A charge of €50 per registrant and accompanying person will be requested. For registration cancellations after September 1st, the fee will not be refunded.

  4. NO MORE ROOM AVAILABLE (20/08/2011). A limited amount of campus rooms are available at a favorable rate (first comes first gets). One can apply for these rooms in the registration form. The applicants will be contacted shortly after. Priority will be given to PhD students and young post-docs.

REMINDER: Participants should reserve their accommodation themselves.

WARNING: We recommend you to book your hotel as soon as possible. Indeed, several important events are organized in Brussels during September and accommodation availability may be reduced.

NOTE: The registration fee does not include the accommodation costs.

  • Recommended procedure using resotel service:

    • Hotel booking is being handled by the Resotel service which offers a selection of hotels close to the conference site.

    • Resotel guarantees room availability until July 15 only.

    • A limited amount of campus rooms are still available at a favorable rate (first comes first gets). One can apply for these rooms in the registration form. The applicants will be contacted shortly after. Priority will be given to PhD students and young post-docs.

  • Other possibilities:

Online payment (PayPal):

  • Individual payment:

  • Online payment through PayPal, once registered to the conference.

    1. Fill the registration form and submit it. The payment may be done directly or later.

      At this point, you may either continue to the payment page or close the window.

      • If you decide to pay by yourself, you may either

        • continue with the payment process (points 2, 3 and 4)

        • retrieve the payment page later by following the link provided by email upon registration or by clicking on "Modify my registration", which leads to point 1

      • If your institution pays for the registration, then please refer directly to the corresponding section below.

    2. Take a look at the summary then hit the "Next" button

    3. Click on the "proceed to PayPal" to be redirected to the payment page

    4. Follow the instructions provided by PayPal to finalize the payment
      No PayPal account needed when paying with a credit card

  • Registration paid by an institution and group payments:

  • The participants may have their registration paid by their institution. In this case, for grouped or individual payments, we recommend using this form.
    Reminder: Participants still have to register on the conference site.

  • Custom payments:

  • The participants can modify their registration, and in some cases, the registration cost may increase (additional guest,...). In order to complete a payment, please use this form.

Classic wire transfer:

Bank account:
IBAN: BE51 0010 6864 5562
Currency code: EURO

Name and address of the account holder:
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
B-1050 Brussel

Name and address of the bank:
Warandeberg 3
B-1000 Brussel

In the communication field, mention the following code :

In case of group payment please send an email to with the list of corresponding names.
  • Sunday 11 September - Opening Ceremony with reception:

  • Tuesday 13 September - Conference dinner:

    • The dinner is planned on Tuesday 13 September, with a reception from 19:00 onwards.

      Dress code: smart/casual

      Hotel Le Plaza
      Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 118-126
      1000 Brussels
      link to google maps

  • Tuesday 13 September - Excursion: Bus tour or Museum visit

    • On Tuesday 13 September there is the possibility to go on an excursion in the afternoon. We will meet at the VUB cafetaria at 13:30 to travel to the venues together by metro. You have bring your own public transport ticket!

      For those traveling individually: make sure you are on time, the tours will leave at 14:30 sharp. Details to the tour starting locations, which are all in the centre of Brussels, can be found below.

      As there are limited places for the museum tours registration is necessary. Registration on a first-come-first-serve basis can be done using the lists at the registration desk.

      There is a choice of three tours:

      • Guided tour of the Rene Magritte Museum (34 places)
        Rene Margritte is one of Belgium's most famous artists and the museum is situated in a beautiful art-deco building. A must-see attraction in Brussels. The tour is in English.
        more info:
        Meet at 14:15 at Museum of Ancient Art entrance, Rue de la Regence 3.
        link to google maps
      • Guided tour of the Museum of Ancient Art (68 places)
        This museum has a very impressive collection of works by Belgian masters from the 15th-18th century. The tour is in English.
        more info:
        Meet at 14:15 at museum entrance, Rue de la Regence 3.
        link to google maps
      • Guided tour of Brussels by bus/foot
        Explore the Capital of Europe by bus and foot, with an experienced guide. A really good way to see all the sites, particularly for those who are visiting our historic city for the first time. The tour is in English.
        Meet at 14:15 on the square in front of the St. Michel-St. Gudule cathedral.
        link to google maps

      All excursion information and travel instructions can be found here: .pdf

Download the conference poster:

Poster session winners

Congratulations to the winners of these excellent posters!

Most artistic poster

"Towards the Measurement of Quarkonium Polarization"
Ilse Kraetschmer
Hochenergiephysikinstitut Vienna

Best poster composition

"Search for resonances in the dielectron mass distribution in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV"
Laurent Thomas
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Most pedagogic poster

"Search for BSM physics in hadronic final states with MT2"
Hannsjorg Weber
Institute fuer Teilchenphysik, ETH Zurich

Best poster

“Combined measurement of the ttbar cross section and the b-tagging efficiency using μ+jets events"
Michael Maes
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Poster session announcement

A poster session will be organized during the CMS Physics week in Brussels.
This session is open to all and to all topics.

Note that we allow poster participation at the CMS Physics Week in Brussels to person who cannot attend the meeting physically. In that case, please ensure that someone will display the poster as of the first day of the meeting. Additionally, please provide the email address of that person along with the information requested below.
  • Prizes:

    • The best poster will be awarded with a cash prize of 250 Euros and there will be a few other excellent prizes.

  • Registration and accomodation:

    • In case you want to present a poster, but you have not yet registered, please do so as soon as possible. You will be allowed to pay the early registration fee of 220 Euros. In addition, be aware that there are still a few campus rooms available. These are not simple student room facilities of the university, but typically rooms for guest professors.

  • More information

    • If you want to present a poster, please provide the following information to,, by the 31st of August:
      • Presenter name/contact person
      • Title of the poster
      • Affiliation

    • It is also possible to present a poster without attending CMS Physics week physically. If that is your plan, please ensure that someone will display your poster as of day one of the meeting. Please provide the email address of that person in addition to the email address of the contributor.

    • The posters should be A0 or A1 in size and will be displayed starting the first day of the meeting, on Sunday. A jury will be chosen to determine the winning poster(s) and the presenters and posters will be announced during the conference dinner on Tuesday evening. Since time for evaluation is short, the posters should go up on the first day of the meeting.

    • In case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us (,,

Scientific committee
ACOSTA Darin, Florida university
CLERBAUX Barbara, Université Libre de Bruxelles
DE ROECK Albert, CERN/Universiteit Antwerpen
D'HONDT Jorgen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
DISSERTORI Gunther, ETH Zurich
RODRIGO Teresa, Santander
ROLANDI Gigi, (chair) CERN

Local organizing committee (
BLEKMAN Freya, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
CLERBAUX Barbara (co-chair), Université Libre de Bruxelles
DAUBIE Evelyne, Université de Mons
D'HONDT Jorgen (co-chair), Vrije Universiteit Brussel
JANSSEN Xavier, Universiteit Antwerpen
LEMAITRE Vincent, Université Catholique de Louvain
TYTGAT Michael, Universiteit Gent
VANLAER Pascal, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • The meeting will be held in the Aula Q auditoria:
    See the green arrow on the map

    VUB Campus Etterbeek
    Boulevard du Triomphe / Triomflaan (entry 6)
    Boulevard de la Plaine / Pleinlaan, 2 (entry 13)
    1050 Brussels

  • Coming by public transport to the university campus.

    In general there are many ways to reach the campus Oefenplein (or Etterbeek) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel from the city center. Easiest is to take the metro from the center (any station is fine) and take Line 5 (direction "Hermann-Debroux") towards stations "Petillon" or "Delta". There are few lines in Brussels hence this should be easy to figure out.

    In all metro stations you can find machines where can purchase a multi-trip ticket, for example 10-trips at once for about 12 euros, which is economic with respect to individual tickets and can be used at any time. Metros usually start around 5:30 and end around 12:30 (please consult the timeschedules in the stations for more details). Some hotels also provide free public transport tickets.

    From the city center the metro Line 5 will take you in 10 minutes to the stations "Petillon" or "Delta". From each station you need to walk for 5 minutes towards the meeting venue. The two metro stations close to the VUB campus you can find on the campus map below. The meeting venue is "Aula Q" indicated on the map as "P" below the buildings "B+C+D". You can enter the building from the South side.

    More directions can be found at:

    From the metro stations "Petillon" and "Delta" we will try to put indicators towards the meeting venue "Aula Q". On the campus you will find permanent indicators towards "Aula Q". Please be aware that the campus "Oefenplein/Campus de la Plaine" consists out of two campuses, namely the Dutch speaking one of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a French speaking one of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. You need to be on the campus Oefenplein (or Etterbeek) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

  • Coming by car to the university campus.

    If you come by car to the VUB university campus, you need to pass an automatic security when entering the campus. At any of the access points you will be able to use a barcode to enter at any time during the 5 days of the CMS Physics Week. Please print this barcode when you plan to come by car. There should be plenty of space on the campus to park your vehicle. Parking is for free on the campus. Do make sure however that when you park underground you are informed about the closing policy of these underground facilities. To avoid this, you could simply park above ground.

    More information on the campus called "Etterbeek" (sometimes also called "Oefenplein"), including a map with access points, can be found on the following website:

Getting to the VUB campus

See the Directions section on this site. Travel information:

Brussels is served by low-cost and major airlines through Brussels (Zaventem) airport. The transit from Brussels airport to the centre of Brussels and the conference venue is very convenient by frequent and cheap train connections (approx EU 7). Some low-cost airlines fly to Charleroi airport, advertising it as Brussels-South-Charleroi airport. This travel option adds a substantial transfer time to Brussels.

Alternatively, there are very frequent high speed train connections to Brussels, from London, Paris and Amsterdam and Paris CdG airports.

Detailed travel information how to reach the university and city center will be added shortly, in general people use public transportation for this for which pre-booking is not needed.

When moving around Brussels we recommend the use of the public transport system.

  • Travelling by car:
  • Here are a few links that might be useful during your stay:

    BIG THANKS to all our sponsors!

    Académie royale de Belgique
    Région de Bruxelles Capitale
    Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
    Inter University Attraction Pole "Fundamental Interactions"
    Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België
    Magritte museum
    Région wallonne
    Universiteit Antwerpen
    Universiteit Gent
    Université catholique de Louvain
    Université de Mons
    Université libre de Bruxelles
    Ville de Bruxelles
    Stad Brussel
    Vlaamse overheid
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    General contact

    IIHE (ULB-VUB) secretariat
    Marleen Goeman (VUB) +32 2 629 3203
    Danielle Peymans (ULB) +32 2 629 3202

    Barbara Clerbaux (FNRS - ULB) +32 491 613443
    Jorgen D'Hondt (VUB) +32 496 704865

    Technical support
    Michael Frère (ULB) +32 2 629 32 28

    CMS secretariat Contact
    Nathalie Bleesz-Griggs +41 22 767 4539
    Kirsti Aspola +41 22 767 4608

    Pictures taken at the meeting are available here. Many thanks to Patou!